High Noon on the Oxbow Bend - Bald Eagle and Osprey

    Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

    Limited Edition of 3500 | Artist Proof 350

    A vanishing ripple on the water's surface is all that remains of an aerial battle between a bald eagle and osprey over their sought-after prey, a cutthroat trout. Known competitors, the two piscivorous, or fish-eating raptors take turns displaying dominance over this area best known for its abundance of trout and scenic backdrop of Mt. Moran. While the osprey's aerodynamics outperform those of the bald eagle, the bald eagle compensates with his sheer size and strength, easily intimidating his more agile counterpart. Equal losers in this match, and equally compelled to catch the fish, both birds circle for another try.

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    Price From: $1,095.00
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